Charles Connor


There were no computers, Internet or cell phones. We walked or rode bicycles as kids and built hotrods as teens. The whole world to us was what we saw right around us. Then I went off to college at the University of Alabama and everything changed for me. Everything I knew---all my models of reality---were wrong. I knew nothing. I had to relearn everything. I ended up with the brother of Vice President Mondale as my major professor in American Studies and the world of ideas opened up for me. The university world and friends became my life. 


I received B.A. and Masters degrees from the University of Alabama, attended graduate school at Vanderbilt and received a doctorate from the University of Georgia. I taught at several state universities in the southeast and met Beverly, my wife of forty-three years, at ETSU. We settled at the University of Georgia where Beverly received four degrees and became a highly successful author of mystery and suspense novels. I joined the faculty there and founded the Harriette Austin Writing Program and the HAWC writing conference and directed them for thirteen years before my retirement.  


We now live in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (The Secret City, home of the atomic bomb and the world’s fastest computer) where I reflect on life, write, do some modest cooking, and support Beverly in her writing. MURDER IN MACON is my first novel. THE POPLAR CREEK MURDERS is my second.

I grew up in suburban and rural Alabama during the 1940s, 50s and 60s in and around the little communities of Caffee Junction, Green Pond, and McCalla just outside Birmingham. All around me were the ruins of mines and railroads from earlier periods. The population was almost entirely white with little pocket communities of blacks, mostly older residents who had not been part of the heavy black migration north.

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